Benefit for Bob and Keri Schneringer

CALLAWAY–“Small communities are great when it comes to  helping each other out and always being there. And you know, you always pay it forward but you always have a chance that you might need it yourself, so if you need it then you can pay it forward with the next benefit that comes along,” Melonie Morrison said.

An example of the community coming together will take place this weekend as part of the benefit for Bob and Keri Schneringer this Saturday, February 22 from 5 to 9 p.m. at the Callaway Community Center (203 W Kimball St, Callaway, NE 68825).

Longtime friend of Bob and Keri is Melonie Morrison of Callaway. The group of friends graduated from Callaway and Merna around the same time and their families go way back. That connection holds strong today with the desire to help a friend in need.

In an interview with KCNI, Morrison said Bob started feeling ill last summer, he went to Omaha and over time was diagnosed with neurosarcoidosis, a rare inflammatory disease.

Bob’s journey included ruling out other possibilities, then the diagnosis, followed by high doses of a chemotherapy type drug which  suppressed his immune system allowing a fungal infection to set up shop in his body and cause other issues.

After visiting with Keri Schneringer, Melonie said Bob was in the hospital for a total of 90 days between September to January but has now been home for three weeks.

To help the Schneringer family defray medical expenses from Bob’s extended illness, this Saturday’s benefit will include a free-will donation pancake and sausage feed, “more than a bake sale” sale, cash bar, silent auction, and a live auction beginning at 6:30 p.m.

Janet Kalinowski is heading up the “more than a bake sale” sale and said in a February 18 Facebook post that she has had numerous calls and has received lots of delicious items.

“We have lasagna, ham balls, spaghetti pie, clam chowder, cinnamon rolls, cookies, homemade bread, brownies, pie, scotcheroos and the list goes on and on. So as you can see we have something for everyone!” the Facebook post reads.

Morrison added that live music will be provided by Borderline during the evening.

“Borderline has been so kind–they’re going to play during the benefit and after the benefit. They have not set a time, they’re just going to wing it for people to enjoy,” Morrison told KCNI.

Morrison said Bob is starting to do better but has long road ahead of him for recovery, more appointments, and procedures.

“Bob’s goal is to return to work sometime after he gets all recovered from everything and gets his strength back. His outlook is good, he has a positive attitude and it’s just a day at a time,” Morrison said.

For more information contact Melonie Morrison at 308-870-1972, Red Hendricks at 308-870-0664, Janet Kalinowski at 308-870-1553 for the “more than a bake sale,” or Kate Brennan at 402-525-6464 for the live and silent auctions.

“We’ll make it a fun evening. We want everybody to come out and enjoy and to support Bob and Keri, visit with everybody, and just have a good evening together,” Morrison said.