Beatrice Police Arrest Suspect, For Attempted Murder

BEATRICE – Beatrice Police have arrested a 46-year-old Beatrice man for the attempted murder of his wife.

Chief Bruce Lang says the arrest of George Oakes was made New Year’s Day, but the domestic assault incident resulting in the arrest, happened late Sunday.

Oakes has been arrested on suspicion of attempted 2nd-degree murder, 2nd-degree domestic violence, terroristic threats, false imprisonment, strangulation and use of a weapon to commit a felony.  His appearance bond has been set at $10,000, in Gage County Court.  Further hearing is set for January 30th.

Lang says the suspect allegedly used an electrical cord in an attempt to strangle the 40-year-old victim.

:10                  “amount of time”

According to court records, Oakes allegedly used a cord from a heating pad to choke the victim, following a domestic argument.  According to an arrest affidavit, the victim allegedly was thrown onto a couch and down basement stairs, in the home. At one point, the victim was able to get her phone, but it was wrestled away from her.  The woman was later able to convince the man about going to see one of her relatives.  Lang says the victim reported the incident to a relative, who then contacted police.

:22                  “came upon it”

The incident happened at a residence located at 340 North 25th Street.  Two police officers arrested the suspect, Oakes, yesterday afternoon, without incident.  Lang says there did not appear to be any past criminal history of domestic violence.

:16                  “by the victim”

The assault, Lang says, happened at about midnight New Year’s Eve.  According to court documents, the woman suffered bruising and ligature marks around her neck as well as injuries to her right arm and upper body.