BBPD Reminds Citizens of Fireworks City Ordinance

BROKEN BOW— The 4th of July is nearly here and the Broken Bow Police Department wants to remind you that while lighting off fireworks is fun, there are times that you are allowed to do so.

Fireworks can be used in Broken Bow city limits from 9 AM-11 PM through July 3. On July 4, fireworks can be used from 9 AM – midnight. Fireworks can be sold through July 4 until 11 PM.

The police will generally warn citizens the first time they discharge fireworks before or after these hours. However, the second time a citation may be issued for disturbing the peace, at the discretion of the officer.

Broken Bow City Ordinance also makes it unlawful for any person to:

-Use, discharge or explode any fireworks within any building or in the vicinity of any person or property in a manner that exposes such person or property to injury or damage.

-Throw any fireworks from or into a motor vehicle, onto any street, highway or sidewalk, at or near any person, into any building or into or at any group of persons.

The same ordinance gives the City Council the right to ban or further limit the sale/discharge of fireworks in the event of dry weather or other weather hazards.

Nebraska law prohibits discharging illegal fireworks, such as bottle rockets, M-80’s, cherry bombs and other fireworks of this type.

If you have any questions about fireworks, please contact the Broken Bow Police Department at (308) 872-6424.