BB School Board Discusses Administrator Raises

BB School Board Discusses Administrator Raises
(L to R) School Board members Tom Osmond and Carl French, newly hired superintendent Darren Tobey, current superintendent Tom Bailey

BROKEN BOW—During Monday evening’s work session the Broken Bow School Board addressed an administrator comp study of 12 other Nebraska school districts and contracts based on a 12-month year (click here to view the agenda with attachments of comp study and contracts).

Current superintendent Tom Bailey said administrators have been evaluated and contracts have been renewed, the question remains if admin will receive raises for the next year.

“We’re only talking about raises here. I did their evaluations. I informed the board, they all met and know the criteria well. What’s up for the board’s decision is whether they’re giving them a raise or not and if so, how much of a raise. That I don’t dictate,” Bailey said.

The board recommended giving newly hired superintendent Darren Tobey more time to make a recommendation because an admin raise can be given any time during the contract year.

Non-certified staff (para professionals, custodial staff, bus drivers, etc.) raises were discussed with a recommendation by Mr. Tobey of a two percent minimum raise.

Lunchtime Solutions, Inc. (LSI) presented a lunch fund report and told the board it would be safe to implement a $0.05 increase for the next year. LSI representatives reported that BBPS purchased approximately $12,000 in supplies during the 2016-2017 year. New equipment is needed at North Park Elementary including proofers and ovens, as the current proofers occasionally catch on fire. Overall, LSI said that the district financials are looking good despite middle and high school numbers being slightly down from the projection.

The school board and Mr. Tobey will meet at 3 p.m. on April 13 for a budget meeting.

At the April 16 regular school board meeting, the board will likely vote on classified salaries, summer maintenance plan, transportation plan regarding potential new vehicles, the strategic plan, and any teacher resignations received.