BB School Board Approves Funds for New Band Uniforms

BROKEN BOW—After many months of discussing the purchase of band uniforms, the Broken Bow School Board voted on Monday to approve $20,000 to go toward the Music Boosters’ purchase of new uniforms. Back in November, the school board verbally agreed to assist with the funding because of the fundraising efforts made by the boosters and the fact that they were not asking for assistance right away.

The $20,000 will most likely come out of next year’s activities fund. Approximately 120 uniforms will be ordered for band students and it will take between 120-160 days to get the uniforms. In April, Tracy Popp reported that the boosters have raised approximately $50,000 of their $70,000 goal.

“120 uniforms, [they] said it would take about 120-160 days to get them in once they ordered them. And you do not pay for the uniforms until you receive them is what I was told today. More than likely that will probably fall on next year’s budget unless they come in here at the end of August or something. And the activities fund is front loaded in years past,” Superintendent Darren Tobey said.

Also during Monday’s school board meeting, the board approved a $0.10 increase to breakfast and lunch prices and approved next year’s contract with Lunchtime Solutions and implementation of the HOSA Future Health Professionals program.

A motion to eliminate the classified salary schedule was approved and zero to two percent increases will be determined by the administration/supervisors of classified staff. The schedule will be used for initial placement with future hires.

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Approval of the hiring of three teachers included the positions of elementary art, sixth grade, and business/FBLA. Samantha Nelson, Angela Palmer, and Ellen Kuhl were all approved.

The board approved Ryan Hogue’s resignation as Assistant 6-12 Principal/Activities Director and approved the contract for newly hired Jeff Ellis with a salary of $83,500. Mr. Hogue thanked the board, administration, staff, students, and community for their support during his time at Broken Bow.

“I truly enjoyed my 10 years here. It’s an amazing place–it takes ahold of you and doesn’t let you go. This was the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make and I will truly miss the people of Broken Bow as well as all the staff members, board members, and administrative teams I’ve worked with over the years. I appreciate everyone. You guys and Jeff will be great, the future looks bright,” Mr. Hogue said.

Treasurer J.B. Atkins said the board is “on track” with revenue but expenditures exceeded last year’s by $50,000 for this month. Overall, the district is behind in expenditures year-to-date. He recommended having the board approve expenses of more than $10,000 and updating that policy.

The meeting adjourned at 8:16 p.m.

Administrator Comments
Kim Jonas: Year-end celebrations went well, talent show, many English language learners have been proficient, teachers to soon discuss science curriculum
Nikki Altig: Awesome lunch/spring fling and graduation at the preschool, high school art club to paint on playground cement pad, SPED data: early intervention is increasing; number of verified babies is up and school age is down
Rusty Kluender: Great people want to work at BBPS, appreciates strong team members and community members who helped with hiring process
Ryan Hogue: Proud of participants in all activities, wishes them good luck, six students went to state track (about 80 students in track all together), state golf in Kearney Tuesday and Wednesday
Darren Tobey: Summer lunch program going on at noon at North Park, free for students, $3.55 for adults