Bacon: Wall View ‘Disappointing’ Some of His Voters

Omaha, NE.—President Trump’s wall emergency finds Omaha area Congressman Don Bacon convinced he’s disappointing some who voted for him.

In an on-camera interview (see video below) with News Channel Nebraska, the 2nd District representative says he’s concerned that disappointment could find those voters turning their backs on him in 2020.

Bacon tells NCN that he believes building a wall between the United States and Mexico is an emergency but at the same time disagrees with Trump’s plan to go around Congress to pay for it.

Rep. Don Bacon: We didn’t get the agreement I wanted or the president wanted but to go around it to declare a national emergency or do an executive order like we saw with President Obama and previous presidents I think its not healthy.

NCN’s Joe Jordan: If the president thinks it’s an emergency and you agree where is he supposed to get the money if he doesn’t declare a national emergency?

Bacon: This is where our system of government is supposed to work. We have to keep negotiating.

Jordan: A significant number of people who voted for you probably voted for you believing that the wall is necessary, needed yesterday not tomorrow. Do you think you’re disappointing those folks?

Bacon: I think I’m disappointing some and I think others would agree with me.

Jordan: Are you worried that the folks you’ve disappointed come 2020, not that they’d vote Democrat, but maybe they just stay home in the Bacon race and don’t vote for you?

Bacon: Well, that does concern me. I’m doing the very best I can. I’m trying to follow my integrity.