Baby Jesus has Been Found! Downtown Nativity Scene Reunited 

Baby Jesus has Been Found! Downtown Nativity Scene Reunited 
Jesus has been found! Downtown Nativity scene in Broken Bow. Photo taken during Festival of Lights celebration.

BROKEN BOW—In early January the Broken Bow Police Department (BBPD) reported that Baby Jesus had been stolen from the downtown square nativity scene. On Monday, the BBPD posted on their Facebook page that He has been found!

On Saturday, Tony Snyder of Broken Bow was surprised to locate the figurine in the back of an old truck that he does not use.

“The [unused] truck is lifted a little bit and you know, I’ve gone past the pickup many times but you can’t see into the bed of the pickup, or I can’t just walking by it. And I had some work being done on my house and the workers had pulled my [current] pickup up in front of my garage. Saturday, when I went out to get in my [current] pickup and started to back out, I could see in the back of the [unused] pickup and I was like, ‘what is that?’ And then I looked at it a little bit and thought, ‘you know that looks like the Baby Jesus!” Snyder said.

The Broken Bow Police Department confirmed the figurine had been located and that Snyder had notified Kathy Salts of the Ministerial Association.

The BBPD is certain that Snyder did not steal the figurine. One can only guess that whoever stole Jesus dumped him in the back of Snyder’s truck. Snyder said Jesus was dirty and very well could have been on his property since January.

Snyder told KCNI/KBBN he is happy that Jesus has been returned to the Ministerial Association.

“The funny thing about it is that I was born on Christmas and my mom’s name is Mary. So it’s funny Baby Jesus would show up at my house,” Snyder said. “I’m just glad that He was able to be returned and there’s no damage to Him or anything like that.”