Anselmo-Merna School District Awarded $21,000 Grant for Track Renovation Project

Anselmo-Merna School District Awarded $21,000 Grant for Track Renovation Project
A-M 6-lane track completed October 2019.

The Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy has named Anselmo-Merna Public School District as a 2020 grant award winner of the Waste Reduction and Recycling Initiative.  The school district was eligible to apply for this grant as a result of the completion of the district track renovation project.  Because rubber from used Nebraska tires was used in the completion of the running surface, the district met the parameters for the competitive grant process.

Completed in October 2019, the A-M track renovation project consisted of two phases.  Phase I, completed by Loup Valley Construction, included digging up the previous track surface, and creating an even base for the new track.  Phase II was completed in cooperation between Markham Construction and Fisher Track.  In this phase, Markham’s crew poured the cement base, and Fisher Track completed the running surface.  Once completed, both phases totaled $324,282.82.  

A-M Superintendent Logan Lightfoot said, “Having local contractors was a huge plus for us. We had Markham Construction and Loup Valley Construction out of Arnold and both of those gentlemen are just incredible with the craftsmanship, but also their attention to detail made our project very successful and in turn had a great final product for our track.”

The track project received an immense amount of support, lessening the burden on local taxpayers.  In addition to the NDEE grant, the Anselmo-Merna Foundation made a $50,000 donation to the project. 

Lightfoot said, “While the generosity of our Foundation is humbling, it is certainly not surprising.  Our Foundation has been so supportive of our school, and ultimately, the success of all A-M students.”  Funds from the NDEE grant will go to further lessen the total cost of the track project.  Lightfoot added, “We were thrilled to get our award notification for the grant.  In the end, we were able to be fiscally responsible and also build a top-notch track facility.  Our athletes have already been able to take advantage of our new running surface.” 

The A-M track facility is also open for community use.