Anselmo-Merna Public Schools Transitioning To Off-Campus Learning Until May 1

Letter from A-M Superintendent Logan Lightfoot:

Coyote Family,

Over the past few weeks, educational and healthcare leaders at both the state and local level have been in discussions with our school district in regards to the Coronavirus pandemic.  Specifically, these leaders have provided guidance on how to best move forward with our school operations.

Today (Wednesday, March 25), I have made the extremely difficult decision to close our school building, and move to off-campus learning until May 1, 2020.  At this point, I will seek guidance of these same educational and healthcare leaders in deciding the remainder of our school year.  They have made the recommendation for school districts to close facilities based on their research in the best ways to proactively slow the spread of the Coronavirus.

This decision to close is not a reactive decision.  Rather, we are making this decision as a proactive measure.  We want to do everything we can to keep both our children and adults as safe as possible.

I realize that you will have many questions about school, and how this is going to impact your child(ren).  All that I ask is for your patience as we present solutions to best teach our students.  We will be addressing all issues from educating our youngest students, to providing our seniors with a graduation.

Our focus will change from dealing with short-term closure, to adapting to long-term, off-campus learning.  We have adapted our Learning Plan to accommodate our students, and adjust our instructional goals, and delivery methods.  As of now, encourage your student to complete the learning activities that are already planned.  We will meet as a teaching staff tomorrow to review the revised plan, and we will send this plan via district media and social media tomorrow afternoon.

This will include specific details as to what you can expect as a parent and student for instruction for the remainder of our closure.  It is our expectation that teaching and learning continue via remote instruction.

This has been an unprecedented time for us all.  The education community is experiencing the same uncertainty.  I wish we immediately had all of the answers, and knew precisely the best ways to teach our students, and support our teachers with our new, temporary normal.  I am so confident of our caring and talented teaching staff.  Working together, we will effectively deliver instruction to A-M students.

In closing, I would encourage all of our families to closely follow the guidance from our state government and healthcare leaders.  This will be difficult for us all, but closely following social distancing guidelines (even our teenage students) could have a great impact on the health and well-being of our communities.

As a dad, I’ve come to quickly realize that one of the great benefits of having my family live in our school district is how well we take care of each other.  I know that we will get through these tough times, and support each other in times of need.  As our superintendent, I know that our school will have complete support from both of our communities.

We live in an area that takes care of our own.  That is invaluable.  Governor Ricketts often ends his public addresses with, “God bless the great State of Nebraska.”  I’ll echo his sentiments.  God bless the great families that are the fabric of Anselmo and Merna.  ALWAYS, it’s a great day to be a Coyote!