Another Slow Go in Omaha

Another Slow Go in Omaha
Downtown Omaha Tuesday Morning: Crosswalk partially covered with snow.

Omaha, NE.— For the second straight morning rush hour, traffic reports in Omaha noted plenty of accidents and slower than normal rides to work in the aftermath of the week-end snow storm.

In addition, and going forward, the city’s snow removal plan is taking longer than expected.

On Monday Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert noted on her Facebook page: “We plan to pick up snow piles in the middle of the downtown, Dodge and Maple locations beginning Tuesday night through Wednesday morning. This is a day later than first planned.”

And there is other fallout including delays in garbage pick-up.

Stothert says, “Delays from last week’s storm plus the weekend blizzard have delayed solid waste collection by nearly a full day…Report missed collection after 7:00pm the day after your regular collection day.”

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