Am”bull”ance Not Needed At Accident Near Merna

CUSTER COUNTY—A bull that made its way onto the road near Victoria Springs Road and Cramer Canyon Road, east of Merna, causes a two vehicle accident that resulted in one vehicle being totaled. Kristopher Ambler of Broken Bow, was traveling south at approximately 9:15 P.M., when his 1999 Ford Ranger struck a Black Angus bull that was standing in the road.

According to the accident report by the Custer County Sheriff’s Office, the impact of the crash killed the bull and forced it into the northbound lane. Approximately 15 minutes later Troy Safranek, of Merna, was traveling north when his 2013 Chevy pickup struck the dead bull lying in the road. The impact caused damage to the steering parts in the pickup and led the vehicle to being unable to control. The pickup then crossed the center line and entered the west ditch going down an embankment.

Aside from the bull, only minor injuries were reported to the upper arm/shoulder of Safranek which required no ambulance. Ambler’s Ford Ranger, which was noted at totaled in the accident report, was towed to Hunters Towing and Repair in Berwyn. The Chevy pickup, noted an estimated damage of $7,500, but was not listed as being towed according to the accident report.

A single vehicle accident in Custer County results in a man being arrested for an outstanding warrant in Dawson County. Brandon Miller was driving on wet roads on Friday, August 31 when his vehicle hydroplaned, crossed the center line, went off the road, and stopped in a ditch.

When police arrived, Miller was not injured and walking around his vehicle which had sustained minimal to no damage. Police then ran Miller’s driver’s license which came back with an outstanding warrant in Dawson County. Miller was taken into custody and booked into the Custer County jail, where he posted bond and released.