Alleged Animal Cruelty Case Bound To District Court

COUNTY COURT— The case against Alan Jacquot, 50 of Anselmo, is heading to Custer County District Court after he waived his preliminary hearing in Custer County Court on Thursday, May 13. Jacquot appeared in handcuffs after he was arrested earlier in the day in a separate incident (an additional story will be released when information on the arrest has been released).

Jacquot’s attorney, Terry Barber, informed the court that his client agreed to waive the hearing and move the case over to Custer County District Court. Judge Tami Schendt bound the case to District Court for arraignment on May 27 at 9:30 AM, but noted that the date and time could change depending on judge availability.

According to court records, Jacquot is facing ten counts of alleged abandon/cruel neglect of an animal resulting in injury or death (each Class IV Felony) from November through December 2020.

According to Custer County Sheriff Dan Osmond, who appeared before the Custer County Supervisors in February, the cattle were seized during a search warrant in December of 2020 and were transported to a local feedlot for care. Until the court makes a ruling on multiple civil cases regarding the sale of the cattle, it is costing Custer County around $670 per day to feed the 241 head.