Agenda: First Supervisors Meeting Of 2022 Begins At 9 AM Tuesday

The Custer County Board of Supervisors will meet in regular session on Tuesday, at 9:00 a.m., on January 11, 2022, in the Supervisors room on the top floor of the Courthouse.

9:00 a.m. Minutes, Mail, Committee Reports
Disc/dec – Middle of month claims
Disc/dec – Approve end of December monthly fee reports
Sine & Die for 2021, Reorganize
Disc/dec – Res. #1-2022, Co. Treasure authority to Invest Funds/Time Deposits
Disc/dec – Res. #2-2022, Mileage rate increase to 58.5 cents, St. Stat. 23-1112
Disc/dec – Sign Res. #3-2022, Salary set for elected officials for 1-1-2023 term
Disc/dec – BOE – tax list corrections, over, under, omitted
Disc/dec – T. Walz, Ext. -Appoint Extension Board member in Dist. V
Disc/dec – T. Conover- present NE Dept of Ag Report for year-end
Disc/dec – Road #98/#208 Petition – Res. #4R-2022, direct Hwy. Supt to do Road Study


Disc/dec – Appl(s) to cross co r-o-w
Disc/dec – Res. #5R-2022-Posting load limit signs
Disc/dec – Res. #6R-2022-Permit(s) to exceed load limit(s)

11:00 a.m. Disc/dec – Recycling Trailers – consider change of action for communities

Disc/dec – M. Rempe, Emg. Mgt – EMD Software
Disc/dec – M. Rempe, Emg. Mgt – text to 911
Disc/dec – M. Rempe, Emg. Mgt – joining East Central Region
Disc/dec – M. Rempe, Emg. Mgt – Geo Com contract renewal
Disc/dec – M. Rempe, Emg. Mgt – dispatcher salaries

Quarterly Jail Visit

Agenda is kept continuously current and open for public inspection in the office of the County Clerk.
The Board of Supervisors may go into Executive Session on any issue if the need arises.