Agenda: City Council To Discuss Street Closure, KENO Funds, Safety Committee And More

September 24, 2019 @ 6:00 PM
Broken Bow Library
626 South D Street, Broken Bow, NE


Meeting Procedure The Public may address specific agenda items at the pleasure of the Mayor. Please come to the podium, state your name and address, and limit your remarks to five minutes or less. Out of respect to City employees, we request that any complaints or criticisms of employees not be aired in a public meeting. Concerns about employees should be brought to the attention of the City Administrator or Mayor. An individual in violation will be declared out of order.

A. Call to Order

B. Open Meetings Act: This is an open meeting of the Broken Bow City Council. The City of Broken Bow abides by the Open Meetings Act in conducting business. A copy of the Open Meetings Act is displayed in this room as required by law.

C. Roll Call

D. Pledge of Allegiance

E. Submittal of Requests for Future Items: Individuals who have appropriate items for City Council consideration should complete the Request for Future Agenda Items. If the issue can be handled administratively without Council action, notification will be provided. If the item is scheduled for a meeting or study session, notification of the date will be given.

F. Consent Agenda: Consideration of approving the consent agenda items for September 24, 2019, which will include the following:
a. Approval of Minutes of September 10, 2019 Meeting
b. Approval of Bills as Posted
c. Approval of August Treasurer’s Report

G. Discussion Items
a. Forming a City Safety Committee
b. Park Foreman Position

H. New Business:
a. HOSA-TeamMates 5K Run/Walk – Consideration of approving the 5K route for a run/walk event on October 12, 2019.
b. Permission to Have Alcohol in Library – Consideration of allowing alcohol in the Broken Bow Library on November 1, 2019 for a One Box Party.
c. Annual Report & Request of Waiver of PILOT Funds from the Broken Bow Housing Authority – Annual Housing Authority report and consideration of approving the request for the waiver of PILOT Funds.
d. Interlocal Agreement with Broken Bow Township – Consideration of approving the Interlocal agreement with the Broken Bow Township for shared services.
e. Resolution 2019-24, Keno Funds – Consideration of approving the use of KENO Funds for materials purchased for the Melham picnic shelter in the amount of $24,705.78.

I. Comments by Mayor and Council Members Concerning City Departments

J. Closed Session – Consideration of entering closed session for the purpose of a strategy
session regarding collective bargaining.

K. Adjournment

Upcoming Events
 October 2 – Planning Commission Meeting at Noon @ Municipal Building
 October 7 – Park Board Forum & Meeting at 5:10 pm @ Library

The next City Council Meeting will be on Tuesday, October 8, 2019 at 6:00 pm at the Broken Bow Public Library.