Agenda: Broken Bow School Board To Discuss Policies And Resignations Tonight At 7:30 PM

Broken Bow Public School Board Meeting
Monday, June 17
7:30 PM

(Detailed Agenda CLICK HERE)

I. Opening Procedures

I.A. Call Meeting to Order
I.B. Pledge of Allegiance
I.C. Announce Open Meetings Act Posting and Location

II. Excuse Absentee Members

III. Verification of Publication and Notification

IV. Minutes of Previous Board Meeting(s)

V. Treasurer’s Report and Claims Report

VI. District Accolades

VII. Public Comments

VIII. Visitors

IX. Board Comments

X. Administrator Comments
X.A. Kim Jonas
X.B. Nikki Altig
X.C. Rusty Kluender
X.D. Jeff Ellis
X.E. Darren Tobey

XI. Discussion And Action Items
XI.A. Board Policies
XI.B. Handbooks
XI.C. Weighted Grades
XI.D. Leasing Corporation
XI.E. New Hires
XI.F. Resignations

XII. Set Next Meeting Date

XIII. Adjournment