AGENDA: Broken Bow City Council To Vote On City Engineer; Meeting at 6 PM

CITY OF BROKEN BOW: CITY COUNCIL AGENDA (click for link to detailed agenda)
January 22nd 2019 @ 6:00 PM
City Hall Main Floor Conference Room
314 South 10th Avenue, Broken Bow, NE

A. Call to Order

B. Open Meetings Law: This is an open meeting of the Broken Bow City Council. The
City of Broken Bow abides by the Open Meetings Act in conducting business. A copy of the Open Meetings Act is displayed in this room as required by law.

C. Roll Call

D. Pledge of Allegiance

E. Submittal of Requests for Future Items: Individuals who have appropriate items for City Council consideration should complete the Request for Future Agenda Items form located on the table by the door. If the issue can be handled administratively without Council action, notification will be provided. If the item is scheduled for a meeting or study session, notification of the date will be given.

F. Consent Agenda: The Mayor & Council will review and may or may not approve the consent agenda items for January 22nd, 2019, which will include the following:
a. Approval of Minutes of January 8th, 2019 Council Meeting
b. Approval of Bills as Posted
c. Approval of December Treasurer’s Report
d. Approval of Volunteer Fire Department Roster

G. Other Communications:
a. Police Officer Oath – Christopher Anderson will take the Police Officer Oath

H. Unfinished Business:
a. City Engineer Appointment – Consideration of appointing the City Engineer for 2019.

I. New Business:
a. Market in the Square – Consideration of approving the Chamber to use the parking stalls on the East and Northeast side of the Square for the 2019 Market in the Square from 6:00 pm on Wednesday evenings until 3:30 pm on Thursdays for regular market days and until 7:30 pm for the Third Thursday vendors from May 16th until September 19th

b. Appointment to Airport Authority Board – Consideration of approving the appointment of Rod Pracht to the Airport Authority Board.

c. Custer Economic Development Corporation Membership Pledge
Consideration of accepting the membership level of Class A Member to the Custer Economic Development Corporation.

d. Public Hearing, Ordinance 1194, North 17th Subdivision – Consideration of opening a public hearing regarding Ordinance 1194, North 17th Avenue subdivision.

e. First Reading of Ordinance 1194, North 17th Subdivision

J. Comments by Mayor and Council Members Concerning City Departments.

K. Closed Session – Consideration of entering closed session to discuss personnel when it is necessary to prevent needless injury to the reputation of a person and such person has not requested a public meeting.
f. Permission to Contract with Another City/Village – Consideration of granting permission to the Water/Sewer Superintendent to contract with the Village of Mason City to do water work.

L. Adjournment

Upcoming Events
January 28th – Board of Public Works Meeting at 12:30 pm @ Municipal Building
February 4th – Park Board Meeting at 5:10 pm @ Municipal Building
February 6th – Planning Commission at 12:00 pm @ Municipal Building
February 11th – Board of Public Works Meeting at 12:30 pm @ Municipal Building

The next City Council Meeting will be on Tuesday, February 12th, 2019 @ 6:00 pm.

The Council will review the above matters and take such action as they deem appropriate. The Council may enter into closed session to discuss any matter on this agenda when it is determined by the Council that it is clearly necessary for protection of the public interest or the prevention of needless injury to the reputation of any individual and if such individual has not requested a public meeting, or as otherwise allowed by law. Any closed session shall be limited to the subject matter for which the closed session was classed. If the motion to close passes, immediately prior to the closed session the Mayor shall restate on the record the limitation of the subject matter of the closed session.