Ag Society Presents Budget Request to Board of Supervisors

CUSTER COUNTY— The Custer County Ag Society is requesting an increase to its budget for the 2018-2019 fiscal year. On Tuesday morning, Scott Reynolds and Kent Nelson presented to the Board of Supervisors a proposal for a 3 ½% increase in the budget, and the use of unused funds to increase the budget to help with renovations, expenses, and the possibility of a multi-purpose event center at the Custer County Fairgrounds.

The approximate total of the requested amount is $155,660.13. The Ag Society is looking especially toward updating older buildings and tearing down buildings that have become a hazard to the public.

“In the near future you’re probably going to see some of the older barns that we don’t feel are worth fixing up, seeing them gone and updating them with news ones. There’s hope we can have ADA accessible restrooms and showers in that park area. The park area itself is a tremendous asset,” Nelson said.

Kent Nelsen said the county fair is the primary goal of the Ag Society and that there is nothing better than helping out kids in the county. Reynolds said tax payer dollars primarily go toward fair expenses, wages, and insurance. A decision will be made in the coming weeks on how much of the requested amount will be approved. Matt Eggleston said he appreciates what the board has done for the community, but the county board has to find the balance of how much it should be involved.

The board voted to approve the District Court Child Support Subgrant Award, which deals with a contract for services for federal and state reimbursement.

Six years ago, the board approved funds to go toward the district court bailiff. The five counties involved in the bailiff agreement are Howard, Garfield, Sherman, Valley, and Custer Counties. They agreed to split the budget of the bailiff based on population and case load and due to Custer County’s size, the county has paid 35% of the budget with the budget capped at $55,000.

On Tuesday, the board amended the addendum to the agreement changing the budget cap to $65,000 while still paying the 35%. County Attorney Steve Bowers said during the meeting the county has the option to back out of the agreement.

Highway Superintendent Chris Jacobsen appeared before the board regarding a special purchase of a PC-210LC excavator from Sherman County for $132,000.

Custer County does not currently have an excavator and has to contract out jobs or use a crane on multiple jobs in the county. According to Jacobsen, the crane is outdated and often needs repaired, while the excavator could speed up jobs and make it easier for crews to be able to move from different jobs to be more efficient. The board voted to publish a notice of intent to make a special purchase of the excavator and to invite bids.

The board of supervisors went into closed session around 11 a.m. and ended the meeting with an update from District #8 probation representatives.