Ag Society Discusses New American Flags for Fairgrounds

Ag Society Discusses New American Flags for Fairgrounds
Custer County Ag Society during the May 17 meeting.

BROKEN BOW–The Custer County Ag Society looks ahead to this year’s County Fair scheduled for July 30-August 5. During the May 17 meeting, Extension Educator Troy Walz presented this year’s fair premium book. The board also approved hiring two employees at minimum wage to work during the fair at a maximum 90 hours each to assist Walz and Colleen Peterson. Peterson is also getting the website ready for online 4-H entries.

A bull fighting event is scheduled for Thursday, August 3 during the fair and the Ag Society discussed the possibility of a beer garden during the event. Concerns of patrolling alcohol along with outside food and drink being brought into the grandstands were brought up. In addition, the Ag Society want to promote the CWF group selling concessions and does not want to take away from that with a beer garden. No decisions were made.

The current proposal for a beer garden is a 60/40 profit split with 40% going to the Ag Society and a 5% donation to 4-H from the other party. Board member Blair Hartman said the split is not even and board members said the week is about the youth. Steve Horn added, “You don’t go to a high school football game to buy beer, why should this be different?” The board tabled the discussion.

The Ag Society decided to move forward with getting two new American flags for the flagpole. Deb McCaslin with the Rotary Club has applied for a foundation grant for two new flags for the Custer County Fairgrounds and two new flags for the Broken Bow Library. The Rotary Club and the City of Broken Bow have agreed to put money toward new flags and the board also agreed to contribute $450. Michelle Nelson said the new flags are thicker and double stitched.

The use of $3,000 was approved to be used toward improving some of the roads at the fairgrounds. The money is a 40% donation from Myers of the $7,505.00 bill to remove a manure pile from the fairgrounds.

Grounds Manager JJ Martin said the bathrooms have been turned on at the fairgrounds for upcoming events and electric work has begun in the new picnic shelter.

Administrator Michelle Nelson said she had applied for various grants recently from Custer County Tourism and has received $13,000 to help promote events. The Junior High State Rodeo Finals will be taking place this weekend.

A memorial bench for Terry Connely was also discussed to be placed near the flagpole on a concrete slab facing Trotter Arena.

The Ag Society will meet again on June 10.