Additional Charges Filed Against Custer County Attorney Steve Bowers By AG’s Office

CUSTER COUNTY— Additional charges against Custer County Attorney Steve Bowers by the Attorney General’s Office have been filed in Custer County Court.

According to the complaint, Bowers is now being charged with official misconduct (class II misdemeanor) for allegedly violating his duties by engaging in dishonesty, fraud, deceit, or misrepresentation to the Custer County District Court in regard to the plea agreement, bond reviews, and sentencing of Sean Newman between January 2, 2018 and October 31, 2018.

The second charge alleges obstructing government operations (class I misdemeanor) by intentionally obstructing, impairing , or perverting the administration of law or other governmental functions by force, violence, physical interference, or obstacle, breach of official duty, or any other unlawful act by not allowing the District Court Judge from performing his/her official duties; by preventing the sentencing of Sean Newman between April 19, 2018 and October 31 2018.

The final charge alleges oppression under color of office (class II misdemeanor) between April 19, 2018 and September 27, 2019 by being a public servant, by color of or in the execution of his office designedly, willfully, or corruptly injure, deceive, harm, oppress, or attempt to injure, deceive, harm, or oppress another person: Sean Newman, Custer County Sheriff’s Office, Custer County District Court.

If convicted of all charges, Bowers could spend up to one year and nine months in jail and be fined up to $2,500. Bowers is scheduled to appear in Custer County Court on Friday, October 4 in front of Judge Jeffrey Wightman.