ACLU Director Talks Incarceration Issues with Columbus Rotary

COLUMBUS – Members of the Columbus Noon Rotary had the opportunity to hear from the ACLU Executive Director on Tuesday, about a variety of topics.

One topic of focus, was issues the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) believes are effecting Nebraska’s current prison system.

Former Senator and ACLU Executive Director Danielle Conrad spoke on the different issues of concern, and says a about 1/10 of Nebraska kids has a parent incarcerated.

“We’re working all across the criminal justice system, to try and make needed reforms. That includes front end sentencing reform. That includes infusing more resources into prisons, for programs, and services, and staff, and that means providing better reentry support, for returning citizens that are coming back to our community,” says Conrad.

Conrad says in regards to overcrowding in the State’s prison system, nebraska ranks among the highest in the nation. Conrad says talking with communities about the issue is important, and says looking at what models, states who are evading the issue, are using, is important.

“These are proven reforms that make a difference. They save taxpayer dollars,. They keep more people outside of the criminal justice system, and they don’t impact public safety, so we’re really hopeful, that just by having these conversations in communities across Nebraska, we’ll continue to build our case for reform,” says Conrad.

If you would like to learn more about what the ACLU is doing, check out their website and articles on Nebraska issues they are fighting here.