7% Budget Increase, 1% Increase To The Restricted Funds Approved By Broken Bow City Council

The budget process came to an end on Tuesday, September 14 as the Broken Bow City Council approved a number of budget items. City Administrator Dan Knoell started the hearing by thanking the Council for their involved work with each department making sure each department’s budget was where it needed to be.

Knoell gave an overview of each budget during the hearing where many of the departments were asking for additional funds from training employees to updating equipment. While many of the departments were making small purchases or updates, Knoell said the Broken Bow Police Department would be looking at some larger changes.

He stated the vehicles currently used by BBPD are outdated and need to be improved as their age is beginning to become more apparent than ever. Knoell also said all the officers would soon be trading out firearms from their current sidearm to the cheaper and more popular 9mm handgun.

Infrastructure was another big piece in the budget where five major projects are projected to be focused on this year: North 5th improvements (asphalt improvements), Municipal Building Engineering (safety concerns), Memorial Drive Project (paving, sidewalks), levee construction (missing part of levee), and engineering on a potential rec center.

The operating budget for the 2021-22 fiscal year for the City will be $17,821,409, a 7% increase over last year’s budget of $16,645,140. Regarding the property tax request, the City will ask for $1,355,977 or 2% more than last year’s $1,330,310. Additionally, while the valuations for the Custer County Board of Supervisors decreased the valuations in the Broken Bow city limits increased by 2%.

During the regular meeting which followed the budget hearing, the Council approved all of the budget items as well as a 1% increase to the restricted funds. Additionally, the Council approved the 2020 TIF report, two lot splits, including one by Tumbleweed Café for a potentially larger Dollar General, and increasing wages for certain officers at BBPD through the wage ordinance.

The next Broken Bow City Council meeting will be held on Tuesday, September 28 at 6 PM.