69 CHS Students Receive Over 230 Certifications

COLUMBUS  – Columbus High Students are getting well prepared for the future, thanks to a Snap-On certification program.

69 students received over 230 certifications on Wednesday, which included Mechanical and Electrical Troque, Mulitmeter Certification, Precision Measurement Instrument, as well as ShopKey Pro Service & Repair.

Senior Nathan Slusarksi says the program has been a nice option for students looking to learn about various career fields and getting a head start after high school thanks to these certifications.

“For a lot of these kids here, they are going into the shop, or woods, and manufacturing, and it does help out tremendously for them,” says Slusarksi.

The students received the certificates from instructors Ronald Haefner and Adam Whitmore. Whitmore was also honored with a S.T.E.M. Star, for his dedication  to helping students in the S.T.E.M. fields over the past decade.

Slusarski will be attending the University of Nebraska-Kearney, where he will play football and later pursue a career in dentistry.