4 County Prom Closet In Broken Bow Gives Prom Dresses A “Second Chance To Dance”

4 County Prom Closet In Broken Bow Gives Prom Dresses A “Second Chance To Dance”
4 County Prom Closet Facebook Page.

Sometimes the best plans are the ones you dive headfirst into. For Kristy Wells and Kelli Safranek, that was the case when they decided to start an adventure with prom dresses.

“During a conversation about prom dress shopping and how expensive prom dresses can be, we thought it would be a great idea to have a place where girls can come and shop,” said Kristy.

With daughters of her own, Kristy told KCNI/KBBN prom dress shopping is expensive and they are dresses that usually only get worn once. The store, 4 County Prom Closet would give girls the opportunity to find a gently used dress at a reasonable price.

Kristy said the seasonal storefront is not there to make money, but to help anyone in the area find dresses for the prom season. When a dress is brought in to be sold, the person who brings in the dress sets the price, but also signs an agreement that if the dress does not sell, they will return to pick up the dress. With the exception of a small fee for regular business expenses, the money made from the dress goes back to the seller.

Kristy said, “It’s basically a community service project that we thought would be fun. Having three girls I just know how expensive it can be around prom.”

With over 250 dresses from fifteen different areas, there is a variety in styles as well as sizes for those planning for prom in the coming weeks. Kristy said she and Kelli would like to thank the community for their support of the store from helping decorate, to donating equipment such as a mirror and the racks for the dresses.

The temporary store will be open through the end of March and is located between Costa’s Styling Salon and H&R Block on the west side of the Broken Bow City Square (411 South 9th Ave., Broken Bow, NE 68822). They are open on Monday and Wednesday from 4-7 PM, Saturday from 10 AM – 2 PM, and Sunday 1-5 PM.

For more information or to view some of the dresses available, visit the 4 County Prom Closet Facebook page.