35 Different Species Featured at The Horn T Zoo

MONROE – With over thirty five different species, The Horn T Zoo has something for kids of all ages.

Co-Owner of The Horn T Zoo Todd Laudenklos says the zoo has been around for 8 years and has continued to grow the entire time.

“We built this animal trailer last year so we do a lot of fairs, festivals, private parties. It’s an animal exhibit that we can travel around with more of the exotic animals like the monkeys and the kangaroos. It’s all climate control, so on a hot day like today, all animals are under air,” says Laudenklos. 

For several years, this exotic zoo has raised many different animals, from all over the world, including South America, Asia, and Africa.

“At the actual Zoo it’s more hands on, up close and personal, we have up to 40 different species of animals between 20 monkeys, bears, african animals and many more. So about 40 different species of animals that we house at the Zoo in Monroe, that’s where the other exhibits are. You can walk around the exhibit, you can feed the some of the monkeys and bears and all that,” says Laudenklos.

The Horn T Zoo also has smaller animals like hedgehogs, guinea pigs, ferrets, and rabbits for kids that would like to feed the animals. The Zoo also provides and arranges different events through the year for kids in the community.

“We do have pumpkin patches going on at the end of October, we have Cletis’s Birthday any body who follows cletis, his birthday is August 4th and 5th and we have a big celebration that day,” says Laudenklos.