3 Members of the Schuyler City Council File to Keep Seats

SCHUYLER, Neb. – The three members of the Schuyler city council up for re-election this year, want to keep their spot on the council for the next four years.

Alden Kment of the 1st ward, Antonio Rodriguez of the 2nd ward and Daryl Holmberg of the 3rd ward, filled out the required paperwork before the mid-February deadline.

Kment, a Republican in the non-partisan council, is the only member actually running for a formal re-election, as he won in 2014 over Susan Jacobus by under three points.

Rodriguez (D) was appointed to the council in May of last year and Holmberg (R) was given his seat in 2015.

Currently, no challengers have decided to run against any of the three incumbents.

Jon Knutson is currently the lone candidate for mayor, as longtime mayor David Reinecke has decided to not run in 2018.

The primary election is set for May 15th.