$1 Million Bond Set For Suspect In Accident Fatalities

I don't want bond, sir

- Anthony

NEBRASKA CITY – Otoe County Judge John Steinheider set a $1 million bond for an Omaha man suspected of causing a fatality accident at Nebraska City Sunday.

54-year-old Ricky Anthony is charged with motor vehicle homicide regarding the deaths of 32-year-old Rachel Curry and her 15-year-old stepdaughter Chloe Curry on Oct. 21.

Deputy Otoe County Attorney John Palmtag asked for the $1 million bond, saying Anthony was driving on a revoked license, fled the scene at Highway 75 and fled Falls City police when he was confronted later that night.

Palmtag described Anthony’s driving record as the worst he has seen in Otoe County Court. Since 1988, he has 11 driving under suspension convictions. He was charged  three separate times for driving under the influence, three times for reckless driving, twice for driving during revocation and once prior for leaving the scene of an accident.

Palmtag said Douglas County did not begin sentencing Anthony to jail time for driving under suspension until 2009.

Palmtag said Anthony failed to appear for trial on a driving under the influence charge in Douglas County.

Palmtag: “Mr.  Anthony has a tremendous amount of like convictions for driving offenses. I think he is a significant risk to re-offend were he to be placed on a low bond.”

Anthony told the court that there have been circumstances in his life where he felt compelled to drive on a suspended license.


Anthony: “There’s more to the paperwork than what he’s reading off  … I was working in Falls City so I could not appear in court in Douglas County.

Anthony: “The loss of life in this situation, I haven’t been able to sleep or pretty much eat since that because I lost … my queen and my child was murdered in Omaha right before I went to the military … to think that I caused …

Judge Steinheider: “Don’t talk about the incident, sir.”

Anthony: “However sir, I will state I did not leave – I can not correct the part of leaving the scene of the accident.

Judge Steinheider: “Don’t talk about the incident, please.”

Anthony: “Yes sir.”

Judge Steinheider: “It’s not in your best interest to …

Anthony: “I don’t want bond sir. I’ll sit in jail until it’s time for me to prove my innocence, sir.”

Judge Steinheider: “Bond will be $1 million, 10 percent.”

The judge appointed the public defender and set preliminary hearing on Nov. 19.

Here is a chronological summary of the driving record as presented at county court.


  • 1988 DUS
  • 1992 DUS
  • 1995 DUS
  • 1998 DUI
  • 2000 DUS
  • 2002 DUS
  • 2002 reckless driving, DUS
  • 2002 DUI, reckless driving
  • 2003 reckless driving
  • 2003 DUS
  • 2009 DUS
  • 2010 DUS
  • 2011 DUS
  • 2014 DUS
  • 2014 driving under revocation
  • 2015 DUI
  • 2016 leaving the scene
  • 2016 driving under revocation
  • 2018 DUS