Nebraska Offensive Coordinator Matt Lubick Visits With Reporters Ahead of Michigan State Game

Nebraska Offensive Coordinator Matt Lubick met with members of the media following Tuesday’s practice. Lubick discussed takeaways from the Oklahoma game last weekend.
“The positives were it was a good football team our guys played hard and they kept battling when it was going to be a four quarter game and we had a chance to win at the end on the last drive,” Lubick said. “The negatives literally jumped out. The penalties. It is tough to overcome penalties and we have to keep working to clean that up. I think each position has specific details where we can always get a little better and that is going to be the same after a win or loss. We have to score in the red zone that was another thing in the red zone as far as finishing drives. We have to better at that. It should not have came down to three field goals. We should have been able to punch some of those in.”
Lubick spoke about Michigan State head coach, Mel Tucker, and the strengths of his team.
“He has got those guys playing at a high level they are one of the better defenses in the country,” he said. “I know they have had some guys transfer in there that are talented players. So I think they have done a great job as coaches the system that they have getting guys to understand it. Keeping it simple so they can play fast but it is sophisticated enough where they can cause you problems.”
He also was asked about penalties and how the coaches address them in practice.

“We talk about it every day,” Lubick said. “We have officials out there all the time. If a guy does have a penalty happen in practice we address it right that moment. We get a sub in and we address it to make sure they understand there is consequences about that. So it is something that we are going to continue to address and keep addressing and needs to be better. In this last game we had too many false starts and you just can not do that. We change up cadence we do different things. We actually have our scout team defense try to draw us offsides try to make it harder in practice and it is not a game to build on that.”

Nebraska will be back in action against Michigan State this Saturday, Sept. 25 at 6 p.m.