Nebraska Football Coach Frost States Case to Play Football

There has been a lot of speculation in the past 48 hours of the possibility of conferences such as the Big Ten cancelling the upcoming fall sports season.  On Monday, Nebraska head football coach Scott Frost visited with media during a zoom call as Nebraska started its fall camp last Friday.  Frost began by saying he has stayed “intentionally quiet” but on Monday he stated his case to play college football this season.  Frost spoke for more than 10 minutes before taking a question talking about why playing college football this season is important.  Frost spoke of the economic consequences of no football and stated that the players want to play.

As it pertains to the health and safety of players in relation to COVID-19, Frost stated that he believes the players are safer in a controlled environment which has been established by the university

In other notes from Monday’s press conference, Frost said the hope is for Nebraska to play its Big Ten schedule this season.  If not, he said they are prepared to look for other options but doesn’t know if Nebraska would be allowed to pursue competition outside of the league if the Big Ten decides to cancel the season.  Frost also said that the biggest concern among the players right now is eligibility.  Players don’t want to waste a year of it by playing just a few games.