Frost Talks About Saturday’s Home Opener

Saturday marks the first home game of the season for Nebraska, and Frost discussed the differences the team will see from their usual home game routine.

“We’re going to do largely the same thing,” Frost said. “Obviously, there won’t be a march through the fans when we get to the stadium. That’ll be tough. But pretty much our protocol for being here for Friday meetings, going to the hotel and getting up and getting ready to play will be the same.”

Frost spoke on the performance of the newcomers at wide receiver so far this season and the impact the veteran players have had on that group.

“We’re bringing those guys along as fast as we can,” Frost said. “Those are all really talented guys. I got to give the veteran receivers credit for trying to help bring those guys along even though they’re playing the same position. Every week they’re learning more, getting better, getting more reps, getting more detail. We’ll keep trying to integrate those guys as much as they’re ready to.”

Impressed with the improvement at running back, Frost noted that regardless of experience, those who practice the best will earn playing time on Saturday.

“Coach (Ryan) Held does a really good job with those guys and I’ve been really impressed with the improvement,” Frost said. “Some of those young guys are going to be special players. I’m excited about those guys, and we’re going to keep playing the guys that practice the best that week and give guys a chance.”

Despite his frustration from last week’s loss at Northwestern, Frost is excited for what’s to come from this team.

“All week our team was frustrated that we didn’t get it done on Saturday,” Frost said. “But I balance that with just being really excited about the future and what we have in this program right now with young players. We got to keep bringing those guys along and we’re excited to do that.”

The Huskers kick off against Penn State in Memorial Stadium on Saturday at 11 a.m. (CT).  The game will be broadcast on KBBN 95.3 FM with coverage on the Huskers Sports Network beginning at 9 a.m.