What you need to know about Tuesday’s Nebraska primary election

Nebraska voters on Tuesday will choose a state treasurer, select a Democratic nominee for one of the most competitive House seats in the country and give the up-or-down on new school and road construction in Omaha.

They’ll also whittle down the list of candidates to set up one-on-one matches in the general election.

If you are one of those Nebraska voters, here’s what you need to know:

When can I vote?

Polls are open 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Central time.

How can I vote?

On Tuesday, you must vote at your polling place or, if you already requested an early voting ballot, you can turn that in at the election office until 8 p.m.

How do I find my polling place?

Many precincts have changed locations, so check here: https://www.votercheck.necvr.ne.gov/VoterView/RegistrantSearch.do

I’m an independent. How do I vote in a partisan primary?

When you get to the polling place, tell them which partisan ballot you want. Do this as you’re checking in, before you get your ballot.

What should I do if they say I’m not registered, but I know I am?

First call your local election commission. They can help you make sure you’re at the right polling place. You can always fill out a provisional ballot and they will look into it and count the ballot if you were eligible to vote.

What if I moved and forgot to update my voter registration?

If you moved within your county, you can go to your new polling place and fill out a provisional ballot.

What if I suspect voter fraud or see another irregularity at the polls?

You can call the Secretary of State’s election integrity hotline: 888-727-0007 or 402-471-2555

Where can I find results?

B103 (103.1 FM) and KNCY (1600 AM, 105.5 FM) will broadcast results throughout Tuesday evening. Results will also be posted at ncn21.com.