Syracuse Hospital Opens With Green Glow

Bigger and modernized surgical departments

- Gondringer

SYRACUSE – Among features displayed during grand opening tours of Syracuse Area Health’s new hospital is an emergency department that is seven times larger than the old hospital and a main operating room that is a lot greener.

Nancy Gondringer, interim director of surgical services, greeted visitors under the green glow of lights and explained their important purpose.

Gondringer: “Helps your eyes adjust to not having to have a dark room, but a room that you are able to visualize all the colors more vividly.

She said the lights are adjustable with a flip of the switch depending upon the surgeon’s needs.

The emergency room has four patient evaluation and treatment rooms, with a trauma room equipped for three at a time.

The laboratory is strategically located to serve specialty clinics, surgery and outpatients. There are seven exam rooms for specialty clinics, which are designed for collaboration between primary care providers and physicians.

The hospital has a new rehabilitation department and  the “Lettuce Eat Café” and a kitchen that includes a walk-in freezer.

Gondringer noted the bigger and modernized surgical department, also has air handing, temperature and humidity controls. She said it is designed to expand with anticipated growth.