Students Interact With Local Experts In Career Simulation

SYRACUSE – The University of Nebraska-Lincoln hosted the Connecting The Dots Career Simulation at the fairgrounds Tuesday, featuring 30 experts in their fields and 130 job-seeking students.

Volunteer employers were asked to give students a piece of career advice. Tecumseh Prison Warden Brad Hansen introduced the term emotional intelligence.

Hansen: “Those people that can really step back when they are really angry and make a decision on how they are going to respond, those people who can get yelled at, who can get in stressful situations and control their emotions, it’s been proven, and there are statistics on this, those people have more success in life than a better IQ.”

Holly McAdams-Olson, director of the Kimmel Harding Nelson Center of the Arts in Nebraska City, joined the chorus of employers encouraging students to never stop learning.

Olson: “Even if you don’t think you’re good at something now, it doesn’t mean you won’t become good at it later.”

Extension Specialist Jill Goedeken said the statewide program is offered through Nebraska 4-H and came to Otoe County for the first time.

Goedeken: “There’s been some great reactions. Students are figuring out that what they thought was their Plan A may not actually be their Plan A. This is a great time to find a career for their future and also possibly cross things off their list, as well.”

Students could obtain education cards from four-year or two-year colleges or experience cards from the military. They used those cards to inquire about specific careers and many times had to figure out a way to gain additional education, training or experience.