Sheriff Arrests Second Suspect In Magnolia Metal Thefts

AUBURN – A 25-year-old Auburn man has been charged with 22 counts of burglary and theft at an Auburn foundry.

Nemaha County sheriff deputies arrested Ryan Goodrich  Wednesday for suspicion of taking metal alloys from Magnolia Metal dating back to August.

He is scheduled for a court appearance Feb. 26. His bond was set with a $750 provision.

Goodrich was previously set for a court appearance Feb. 25 on a separate possession of amphetamine charge.

The Nemaha County Sheriff’s Office says it is the second arrest involving an investigation into theft from Magnolia Metal.

26-year-old Justin Heard is scheduled for district court arraignment Feb. 25 on 13 counts of burglary. Prosecutors say Heard removed brass from the foundry and received payments of over $13,000 from a Council Bluffs recycler.

Both Heard and Goodrich are former employees of the company. Investigators say only the last load of metal that was taken to the recycler is recoverable.