Nebraska Honors Vietnam Veteran

OMAHA (WOWT) – The community turned out in force Tuesday afternoon to say goodbye to a man they never knew and hundreds turned out for his burial at the Omaha National Cemetery.

The service was scheduled Tuesday for the Vietnam veteran Stanley Stoltz who passed away at the age of 73.

News of his passing received national attention when there was no indication of any known family members.

Mike Nash, a veteran himself, attended the ceremony to honor his brother-in-arms.

“You know what? He’s part of my family. I had 23 years in the Air Force, I don’t know this guy he was in the Army. But he’s a veteran, I’m a veteran so we’re all part of one big family. You know, this guy gave up his freedom for these other peoples freedoms.”

The public was asked to attend. And they did. Traffic was backed up to Interstate 80 and more than 1,500 strangers paid their respects, determined to offer a final salute.

One of the speakers at the funeral remarked that Omaha National Cemetery is a place of love, hope and support. That all proved true on the cold winter day.