Lunar eclipse was visible — until clouds moved in

Lunar eclipse was visible — until clouds moved in
World-Herald News Service

If you could stand the bitter cold, Sunday’s eclipse was spectacular — for a while.

All day Sunday, clouds hung around, threatening to spoil the event.

But after dark, the clouds receded, opening up the skies to perfect viewing of the total lunar eclipse, which also was being called the super blood wolf moon.

Viewers who braved the cold got to see about the first half of the eclipse sequence before clouds rolled back in.

The moon was gradually covered by the earth’s shadow until just a tiny fingernail of bright white remained. When that disappeared, the moon’s surface glowed darkly red and orange, like a fireplace ember suspended in the heavens.

Before the moon could escape the shadow and return to white and full size again, a shelf of clouds rolled in and blocked it from view.