Lakeview Students Assist Business Leaders in Solving Problems

COLUMBUS, Neb. – Students at Columbus Lakeview stepped into the world of business to make decisions on problems affecting area companies.

The event was a partnership with the Columbus Chamber and Lakeview High School, who elected to be the pilot school for the program.

Students were assigned one of four companies: Behlen Manufacturing, ADM, Pinnacle Bank and BMC Transportation, and then had to solve a real-world problem that the company is facing.

“A new perspective to something that they’ve been studying for a long time. You see the same problem day after day after day, you may not look at it the same as somebody that walks in the first day on the job and says ‘why are they doing it that way,” says Kara Asmus, Workforce Development Coordinator at the chamber.

The kids, consisting of upperclassmen at the school, in turn got the chance to step into the shoes of a company CEO and learn about the types of big picture problems that they deal with.

“This was an example on how we can expose them to different careers and different problems that are going on,” says Asmus.

This was the first time an event like this occurred, with Asmus, business leaders and Lakeview principal Steve Borer leading the effort. Asmus says this will soon hit other high schools in Columbus.

“We’ll say, ok ‘how did it go, what do we want to change?’ and then we’ll take it to other community schools,” says Asmus.