Hogzilla Grinds Nebraska City Storm Damage

NEBRASKA CITY – An early June  thunderstorm brought 100 mph winds across the Missouri River and left Nebraska City with piles of limbs and trees as tall as a two-story building, but officials say the city was lucky that Hogzilla was waiting.

Hogzilla is a tree grinding machine deployed by Hofeling Enterprises  to the city’s transfer station.

Construction Facilities Manager Marty Stovall said the machine is grinding a pile that had accumulated for the past three years.

Stovall: “When they started on Monday we were at complete capacity and we had the storm hit, so we were very fortunate to have them on site. As we had the secondary location we started dumping all the storm damage and we’re going to have them grind that pile.”

The mulch from that project formed a row  12 feet high for over 100 yards.

Stovall said the city is planning to implement a new strategy for yard waste, which will require leaves and small sticks to be kept separate from slower decomposing and heavier materials.

To keep the yard waste dumping free, he said citizens will have to keep things in the proper piles.

Stovall: “We need citizens to cooperate with us and put the proper things in the proper pile. Obviously there is no lumber or debris dumping here. It’s very important that there is no construction debris, lumber in these piles.”

The city hopes to turn the grinded wood to make a marketable compost.