Flag Capital Celebrates Flag Day

NELIGH – If you drive through Neligh in the upcoming days, you might notice something out of the ordinary.

In a tradition that spans back to 2015, Blackburn Manufacturing Company staff and volunteers took to “Main St.” with flags.

Since being named the Flag Capitol of Nebraska by the Gov. Ricketts, Blackburn Manufacturing lines 2 miles of Highway 275 with American flags every June 14th, in honor of Flag Day.

Gabriel Steinmeyer had already put down 250 flags by the time I caught up with him. He told me what the tradition means to him.

“Having family members that have served and a lot of friends who are actively serving, for me it’s a great way to show support for them and support for our country and show the love that we have for our community and the people who are here.”

The support and love for the community is a trending theme in Neligh, along with lining the highway with flags, Blackburn Manufacturing also established a Flag Day Scholarship.

Scholarship applicants had to write an essay about what the flag meant to them, this year’s winner Martin Beyer shared his message with me.

“We need to respect it [American flag] and stand for the National Anthem and respect those who served and respect that it’s our flag and we need to respect our nation, basically.”

Approximately 2,00 miniature flags are flying proudly on Highway 275 in Neligh, along with the many others that are always on display in the town.

It’s safe to say, Neligh is one patriotic town.