Dinty Moore’s Raises Funds For Flooded Neighbors At Percival

NEBRASKA CITY – Nebraska City’s nearest neighbor in the Missouri River floodwaters this spring will benefit from a fund raiser held this weekend at Dinty Moore’s Bar.

Manager Cari Lee of Nebraska City said people were eager to give.

Lee: “One day we decided we needed to do something because we know how devastating it is for everybody. There wasn’t going to be enough funds to go around from the government to help everyone. We wanted to do what we could.”

Percival, a town of less than 100, held a community picnic last fall to celebrate 150 years and dedicate new playground equipment.

Lee: “We’re just a tight community. We’re so close. We have a lot of friends and family that live over there and we wanted to make sure we kept it as local as possible. With them just being right across the bridge we thought that would be perfect.”

Phil Peters of Percival said flooding from the first levee breach near Bartlett did not reach Percival, but after three days the remaining levee over-topped. He said a breach on levee 575 brought flooding as it did in 2011. He said Percival is in serious need.

Peters: “It’s huge to everybody because it’s a way to get the town back up to order and help people get back on their feet.”

The US Army Corps of Engineers has identified levee breaches contributing to flooding of Percival and Hamburg as top re-construction priorities.

The auction and raffle featured donated items include a night state at the Lied Lodge and Conference Center, Dinty Moore sign, 60 pounds of meat from Cargill and other hand-made items.

Michael Ragland: “When people really, really need help, we’ll be there. That’s just how it goes. That is what hometown, small town communities do.”

The town is still under mandatory evacuations.

Iowans can get job assistance

Iowans affected by flooding or who need unemployment assistance can go to an event Wednesday in Council Bluffs.

The Pottawattamie County Disaster Response Event will run from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Council Bluffs Public Library, 400 Willow Ave. IowaWORKS will help with unemployment claims and connections to other resources.

People who are self-employed, farmers or business owners also are welcome to apply. Those with questions may contact IowaWORKS at 712-352-3480.