Councilwomen Fill Roles On Falls City City Council

FALLS CITY – Mayor Shawna Bindle said there is no way to truly replace two councilmen who died in February, but she is appreciative that former candidates agreed to accept appointments.

Kaylie Ractliffe, perhaps the youngest person to ever serve on the council at age 23, and Carla Rhodd, a mayor candidate last fall, took the oath of office on Monday.

Ractliffe fills the unexpired term of Charlie Bentley, who died on Feb. 7. Bentley grew up on a farm in an area that is now Indian Cave State Park and represented the second ward.
Carla Rhodd, who received 32 percent of the votes for mayor in November, accepted appointment to represent Ward three.

She fills the unexpired term of Kirby Robidoux Jr, a sheriff’s deputy in Richardson County and officer for the Sac and Fox Police Department. He died Feb. 13 while on patrol.
Mayor Bindle said both of the new council women showed character as they ran for election.

Bindle: “I feel like we’re in wonderful shape. We’ve got a great, energetic council that wants the best for the citizens of Falls City.”

Ractliffe lost to Lucas Froeschl in Ward 2 with 27 percent of the vote.

Ractliffe: “I’m really excited for this opportunity. Since that I’ve had the time and the opportunities to get to know the community a little bit better, including the challenges that people face, the concerns that people have. I’ve been a lot more exposed to that.”

She said Monday that she looks forward to working with Froeschl to represent the ward and serve the city.

A bank branch manager, Ractliffe said the election experience and months that followed have given her opportunity to learn more about the community and the issues that are important to the citizens.