City of Norfolk and Lower Elkhorn Natural Resources District Discuss River Improvement

NORFOLK – Norfolk citizens and mayor want help to fulfill an age-old river project.

The Lower Elkhorn Natural Resources District has many responsibilities. Of those responsibilities is the development and management of recreational facilities.

That is why the city of Norfolk is asking that they contribute to a project that would improve the usability of the Elkhorn River by making it safe and passable in certain areas.

Norfolk Mayor Josh Moenning says this project dates back to the 1970’s, explaining that it is the only one, of four, not yet completed.

Mayor Moenning spoke about the potential improvement brings with the river being so close to retail stores restaurants and a grocery store.

“[It’s] a ripe opportunity for a mixed-use development community, that in the long run will grow our economy, grow our population base and then grow our tax base as well.”

However, the LENRD board is not ready to commit to the project.

LENRD Board Chairman Dennis Schultz says that the board needs more time to discuss the project and certain questions still need answering.

The LENRD board covered their proposed budget in a meeting Thursday night and this project, to date, is not apart of the $7 million proposal.

Discussions will continue at the next LENRD meeting later this month.