Candidates For US Senate Urge Breaking Of Party Lines

NEBRASKA CITY – US Senate candidates Jim Schultz (L) and Jane Raybould (D) attended the candidate forum held by the honors government class at Nebraska City High School Monday night.

While their messages differ, they share a common goal —  Oust Republican incumbent Deb Fischer.

Raybould encouraged Nebraskans to let their voice be heard.

Raybould: “ Please get out and vote, because your vote does matter. There is a world of difference between myself and Senator Fischer. Senator Fischer is on the wrong side of the issues of Nebraska families. You know her votes are hurting Nebraska families because she votes along party lines 98 percent of the time.”

Raybould’s stance on issues:

  • Reform of the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care)
  • Advocating for increased broadband connectivity
  • Social Security reform
  • Modernization of the GI Bill
  • Tax Reform


Jim Schultz’s was a message of change.

Schultz: “The message I would like to get out is that nobody is happy with the way things are going now, but nothing’s going to change if we keep flipping back and forth between the two old solutions that we keep flipping back and forth, that we have beaten to death and have brought us to this point. And until we start getting a new third group in there to upset that balance of power we are just going to continue to have the same problems that we are seeing today coming out of Washington.”


Jim Schultz stance on issues:

  • Balancing the Budget
  • Reduction in Government
  • Reduction in Defense for other countries, exit the Middle East
  • Healthcare Reform
  • Immigration Reform