Big Lake Evacuated As Flood Water Flanks Rulo, Power Plants


BIG LAKE, Mo. – Soggy road conditions hampered Friday’s evacuation of Big Lake, where major flooding is expected.

The Holt County Sheriff’s Office issued the alert Friday morning as water began topping near Rulo.

The river reached 25.8 feet Friday and is expected to crest Saturday at 26.8 feet, which is about 10 feet above flood stage.

The federal levee within sight of the river bridge was holding back the water at 3 p.m.

Many Big Lake residents worked frantically to get their property to safety, but there were number of obstacles. One couple was unable to get their boat out of the water because its engine would not start.

Another man hauling a fork lift on a trailer was buried across one of two main roads around the lake.

Dan Lyons of overlooked the flooded area from Rulo.

Lyons: “I think back in 2011 … I think this might be worse than 2011.”

Water is surrounding eight cabins at Rulo and a hunting lodge.

Lyons: “I just hasn’t crossed over to the Missouri side yet. Anybody that lives on the river had to be evacuated here, but I mean, everybody is out here now.”

In Brownville, flood water has not only closed the road to the Cooper Nuclear Station but has left it undetectable below the depth.

Cooper Nuclear Station  declared a “Notification of Unusual Event” at 5:46 a.m. Friday when water came to within 899 feet of the plant.

The notification was made as part of a safety and emergency preparedness plan the station follows when flooding conditions are in effect.

A press release says there is no threat to the plant employees or to the public.

If the river’s level increases to 45 feet, plant operators would take the station offline as a protective safety measure.

Omaha  Public Power District’s coal-fired power plant is staffed with “essential” employees only and has reduced operations.

Evacuations (full and partial) as of Friday, 1 p.m.:

·         Beemer

·         Belgrade

·         Cedar Rapids

·         Dannebrog

·         Genoa – Lake Oconee

·         Inglewood – DHHS Call Center

·         Randolph City Auditorium

·         Northern Butler County

·         Eastern Richardson County

·         Pender – Senior Living

·         Broken Bow – Senior Center

·         Linoma Beach

·         Norfolk

·         Fremont  – Hospital

·         Anselmo

·         Lynch

·         Wisner

·         South Bend Middle Island

·         Louisville – Trailer Park

·         Cedar Creek – Along River

·         Plattsmouth – OMA Fish & Wildlife

·         Plattsmouth – Moorehead Island

·         Plattsmouth – Beach Road

·         Eastern Washington County

·         Beemer – 6 homes

·         Pleasanton – Homes

·         Bucaneer Bay – Neighborhood

·         Valley – Evacuation

·         Plattsmouth – Low-lying areas

·         Sarpy County – Platte & Missouri River

·         West Point – Western section