Beger: Skilled Workforce Is Selling Point For Auburn Plant

AUBURN – News that FAST Global Solutions is pursuing the purchase of the Ariens Company manufacturing facility in Auburn came as a relief to local economic developers and up to 190 workers.

Kim Beger, Auburn administrative assistant and a director for  Auburn Development Council, said FAST Global Solution’s interest in the Auburn facility is great news.

She said the workforce is highly sought-after. While their skills would enable workers to find jobs elsewhere, Beger said Auburn wants them to stay in town.

Beger: “It brings great opportunities for the employees that are currently with Ariens Company. FAST has stated that they would like to retain the employees that are currently there. And it will continue economic development in our city.”

After Ariens announced it would be moving its Auburn operations to its base location in Wisconsin, Begers said the management team at Ariens stepped up its work with state and local officials to find a buyer for the plant before up to 190 employees were laid off.

Beger said finding a solution is not only important to Auburn as a city, but to many on a personal level.

Beger: “I care deeply about my community. I know many of the people that work at the Ariens Company. You know, we’re all family in a small community like this and  you don’t want anybody to have to lose their job.”

FAST Global Solutions, en employee-owned company  with  seven locations including Falls City, announced its intention to purchase the plant.  The company said the plant will increase its capacity to make airline group support equipment and provide space for the conveyors sales division.

Beger said the Auburn workforce is up to the challenge.

Beger: “FAST is going to get a dynamic team of people, of employees, that are hard workers, dedicated, very skilled. That’s a huge selling point for this company.”

Ariens announced in June it would discontinue Auburn operations between August and October.