Early Morning Trivia

Join Keith every weekday morning at 7:10 to figure out the answer to the Early Morning Trivia question!

Answer correctly and you’re getting hooked up with a prize from B103!

* Listeners and their families can only win once every 30 days.


Monday’s Early Morning Trivia Question:

Q: A new survey says that when it comes to travel, 40% of people have never left the country and 11% have never done this?

ANSWER: Left their home state!

Congratulations to Billy of Hamburg!


Tuesday’s Early Morning Trivia Question:

Q: As a man gets older, he is more likely to wear one of these.

ANSWER: A sweater!

Congratulations to Billy of Hamburg!


Wednesday’s Early Morning Trivia Question:

Q: 15% of us admit we have done this in church.

ANSWER: Surfed the web!

Congratulations to Abbey of Auburn!


Thursday’s Early Morning Trivia Question:

Q: A new study found that we spend about $1,200 a year on this, and half of us feel guilty about it.

ANSWER: Ordering take out!

Congratulations to Mira of Nebraska City!


Friday’s Early Morning Trivia Question:

Q: According to a recent survey, 15% of us hide things here when guests show up unexpectedly.

ANSWER: The bathtub!

Congratulations to Steve of Elk Creek!