Early Morning Trivia

Join us every weekday morning at 7:10 for the Early Morning Trivia question! Your chance to become the smartest person in River Country! Answer correctly and you’re getting hooked up with a prize from B103!

* Listeners and their families can only win once every 30 days.

Monday’s Early Morning Trivia Question:

Question: Kids and parents argue about this, on average, twice a week. What is it?

Answer: Food 

Congratulations to Nathan of Auburn!


Tuesday’s Early Morning Trivia Question:

Question: 80% of us could do this 30 years ago. Today, it’s less than 20%. What is it?

ANSWER: Drive a stick-shift

Congratulations to Jack of Hamburg!


Wednesday’s Early Morning Trivia Question:

Q: This one coming out of Canada where a new study there claimed THIS is contagious.

ANSWER: Stress!

Congratulations to Drew of Julian!


Thursday’s Early Morning Trivia Question:

Q: 39% of women have done THIS when their partner wasn’t looking. What is it?

ANSWER: Turn up the heat!

Congratulations to Dana of Nebraska City!


Friday’s Early Morning Trivia Question:

Q: A recent survey says that 42% of men spend time here everyday.

ANSWER: Their man cave!

Congratulations to Robert of Talmage!