David Gilmour on the possibility of a Pink Floyd reunion: “Never say never”

Credit: Polly Samson
Credit: Polly Samson

Pink Floyd‘s David Gilmour recently launched a YouTube podcast series to promote the auction of over 120 of his guitars at Christie’s in New York this Thursday, June 20, and in the latest installment, he discusses whether or not his his old band will reunite, and his plans for a new solo album.

Regarding the possibility of Pink Floyd reuniting, Gilmour says, “We don’t have any plans right now…But, you know, one day in the future, who knows? Never say never.”

He also maintains that, at this point, the band is just him and drummer Nick Mason — he doesn’t mention Roger Waters — and adds, “I suppose you could say we’re on some sort of extended hiatus.”

As for a new solo album, Gilmour says he regularly writes “bits of music,” and although he hasn’t done much lately, he expects to soon have time to focus on his next project.

“I will be getting into [the] studio…and listening to the hundreds of little bits of demos that I’ve got,” he notes, “and developing them, seeing where they go and seeing if I get my appetite back to start recording a proper album.”

David adds that the process of making a new album and touring behind it generally takes him about four years.

“The writing, the refining, the recording, marketing of an album and doing a tour, preparing a tour, rehearsals, getting the musicians — all that s*** takes a lot of time,” he declares. “So it’s a commitment, which I have as yet to make, but we’ll probably get there.”

Prior to the auction, which takes place at 10 a.m. ET, the New York location of Christie’s will be displaying Gilmour’s guitars daily from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. ET.

Visit Christies.com for more details.

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